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Point of New Beginnings

Our vision for
east liverpool 

We've seen it before... We've heard it before... and we've all felt the same way...Let down. We've been told, "Things are coming, just wait..." and time and time again, nothing happens. Well this time is not going to be like the last time.


This time, we won't take, "NO!" for an answer. We won't let the negativity and obstacles of the past ruin what's ahead for tomorrow. This time, we are prepared... Prepared to put our plan into action until our entire community flourishes like it once did. 

ELCPR was created on the basis of one thing and one thing only: to make East Liverpool a city of prosperity, splendor and service. In order to achieve this long-term goal of having a thriving community, there are four critical pieces of the puzzle towards revitalization. We must focus on building on our foundational strengths. These strengths include urban core, home, economic prosperity and unique culture.

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Urban Core

Urban Core is the essence of a healthy community. Infrastructural crossroads of society and regional activity. Foundation of regional stability and economic strength.
Diversity and vibrancy of the senses, the soul and the urban experience.

Unique Culture

Relevance of tradition, character, and experience for its community. Hub of entertainment, cultural and recreational activity, and regional attraction. School pride and community engagement. Artisanship and craftsmanship with history and a community
centric focus.

Economic Prosperity

Dynamic atmosphere of diversity, growth and sustainability. Self sustaining and diverse economy. Economic hub for activity, inside and outside. Empowering our strengths and assets. Synergy and operational quality of private, non-profit and government activity.
Dignity and diversity of work and professions.
Entrepreneurship, empowering the small business community

Our Home

A great place to live with a great quality of life. Small-town lifestyle and close proximities to cities, natural resources, recreational activity and entertainment. Engaged and flourishing neighborhoods and business community. Residential hub with great costs of living with depth, beauty and character of the old and new. Appeal and purpose to all seasons of life

unique problems require unique solutions

We believe there are 4 overarching themes to the revitalization of the East Liverpool—the "Ceramic City" By focusing our efforts on these main ideals, we will jumpstart the growth and shift the trajectory of our historic and culturally rich town.

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Leading the Renewal and Revitalization of East Liverpool by providing a vision and foundational structure to guide it into a City of Prosperity, Splendor, and Service

ELCPR builds a strategic coordination of efforts between the city, and the members of the East Liverpool community as a whole. If you are interested in being a part of ELCPR, please click here to join our team and fill out the contact form. Someone will be in touch with you shortly on how your strengths can be an asset to our overall mission to revitalize our great town. 

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