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Riverfront Trail

Working in partnership and collaboration with Mayor Greg Bricker and Tom Chema, a group of community leaders began exploring the potential of an East Liverpool Riverfront Trail.   The goal is to connect our community assets, promote healthier lifestyles and recreation while stimulating community and economic development.

Meet The Team

The committee was formed in 2019 and did multiple tours of the city to determine the feasibility of having such a trail.  For further information on who is involved and the organizations, they represent can be explored below.

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  • Kathy Hyatt Smith

  • Greg Adkins

  • Mayor Greg Bricker

  • Tom Chema

  • Drew Cooper

  • Gregg Harding

  • Jonathan Ludwig

  • Scott Shephard

  • Cav Lemasters

  • Cary Lemasters

Ohio & Erie Canalway logo

Ohio & Erie Canalway 

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The City of East Liverpool

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Environmental Design Group

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The Gateway Group

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Trail overview

East Liverpool Riverfront Trail concept map following old Pennsylvannia Avenue

The general concept right now is to begin at the East Liverpool Wharf, heading up Broadway Street to Kent State. 


From this point, we have two options; cut across E 4th Street to Old Pennsylvania Avenue or continue on Broadway to E 5th Street and come back to Old Pennsylvania Avenue. 

From here we will ride along the ledge of Old Pennsylvania Avenue down to East End.  The trail will either ride along Pennsylvania Avenue to the marina/boat ramp or it will ride along Virginia Avenue to run parallel with the river to the boat ramp. 

Why build a riverfront trail?


Provides an opportunity for residents to walk or bicycle to area attractions including schools, libraries, and parks.  Many residents will utilize trails for recreation including walking, running, and bicycling.

Healthy Lifestyles

Promotes healthier lifestyles and health benefits including lower blood pressure, weight loss, and hypertension.  Through the development of trails, residents will become healthier and companies experience lower health care costs.

Easy Transportation

Serves as a mode of transportation for those without a car.  With regional connections, trails will provide an essential alternative form of transportation that promotes the walkability and likeability of the region.

Quality of life

Improves the quality of life for residents, and stimulates the local economy with new attractions for tourism and economic development.  Property values will increase, talent recruitment and retention will experience positive effects as well.

economic impact

According to the 2015 Community and Economic Impact Study of the Ohio & Erie Canalway National Heritage Area, the Ohio & Erie Canalway annually generates $408 million in economic impact.  The effects can be felt in 4200 additional jobs and $34.7 million in tax revenue.

How is the trail funded?


The City of East Liverpool plans to leverage additional private, local, state, and federal resources for the development of multi-use recreational trails.  There are dedicated funding resources only available for projects like these with specific requirements that must be met. 


Most funding sources also require a variety of matching components, including 95/5, 80/20, and 75/25.  Trail development demonstrates how local funding is utilized to leverage significant amounts of private, state, and federal funding.  

There are also opportunities through Congressional earmarks and Transportation Infrastructure with an emphasis on rural projects.

Questions & Concerns?

We want to hear from you, the community.  Take the survey linked below with your contact information and make your voice heard!

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